Denmark- Bornholm

Foreningen Hammershus Fairtrade Concert (FHFC) and Bornholms Regionskommune – Municipality of Bornholm (BRK)

FHFC closely cooperates with BRK on the implementation of a fair procurement strategy for Bornholm and exchanges about the process with all partners.
FHFC works jointly with all partners on awareness-raising with SMEs and business sector stakeholders. With Südwind, City of Linz, Prague3, BRK, Transfair and EAP good practices and experiences regarding the promotion of Fair Trade, fair procurement and capacity development are discussed and valuable input on the process of Fairtrade Town application and cooperation/training with SME is given by FHFC.
BRK works jointly with FHFC on the implementation of a Fair procurement strategy for Bornholm and provides useful information on good practice examples and possibilities on how to foster fair procurement within LA and on cooperation with SME for the partnership. It provides contacts to decision makers with proven track record in promoting Fair Trade to FHFC.

Networking awareness-raising and competence development with SME and Stakeholders

  • Participation in international awareness-raising event ‘Reframing the Message’ 08.04.2013
  • Participation in the seminar ‘Fairtrade Towns Denmark’ (enhancing collaboration on increasing the number of Fairtrade towns in Denmark) 24.09.2013

BRK and FHFC jointly networked with 28 local SMEs and the media and strengthened successfully the collaboration with CISU (Civil Society in Development, association of Danish CSO’s working in development) and FairTrade-Danmark.To address and select SME’s to work with, close cooperation with the umbrella organizations within their respective sectors have been established. For example, with HORESTA (association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in DK ), Naturstyrelsen (Danish Nature Agency, i.e. cooperation on fairtrees, Kbh’s Madhus (Copenhagen Foodhouse) and ACAB (association of arts&crafts Bornholm).

Promote strategies on Fair Trade / fair procurement

In close cooperation FHFC and BRK (head of procurement of the Bornholm Municipality) started the development of a strategy for increased fair procurement and work on a procurement strategy paper and a draft version is currently being developed.

  • Implementation of two workshops on 09.10.2014 and 19.11.2014 with multipliers on the topics Fair Trade and fair procurement

Campaign during the event: Sol over Gudhjem / Sun above Gudhjem

Sun above Gudhjem’ is an annual chef competition which is held on Gudhjem’s waterfront.
Besides the actual competition a major part of the local food producers set up stalls with their goods. More than 10.000 people visited the event this year.
As the topic is ‘food’ FHFC set up an ‘information-stall’ providing information on Fairtrade food items and food recipes using Fair Trade produce as part of the ingredients.
A small competition, to win the cook book ‘FairFood’, in order to attract people to the stall was set up and worked well.

Video documentation of the awareness raising event “Political Summit – Global Tent” Bornholm 2014 ( in Danish)

Awareness raising event Political Summit - Global tent Bornholm 2014

Hammershus Fairtrade Concert 2013 A concert in Bornholm that supports the fair trade with Africa

FHFC promoted TriNet Global during the Hammershus Fairtrade Concert in Bornholm (19.07.2013) with several thousand participants. During the ‘Peoples Meeting, Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm’, (12. – 15. 07.2013 campaigning on Fair Trade has been arranged and carried out. Meetings with CISU regarding collaboration, strategy and planning of future campaigns took place.

  • hammershus fairtrade concert 2013