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TriNet Global – Local Authorities, Business Sector and Universities as Agents for Change

TriNet Global aims to network actors from the business sector, science and administration, to improve knowledge on development cooperation and to encourage cooperation.Our project comprises three components:
  1. Networking of actors from the business sector, science and administration
  2. Strengthening fair trade and fair procurement
  3. Integration of development and sustainability issues into higher education

Project Lead:

Implementation in: Berlin, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic
Duration: 2013-2015
Donors: European Commission / EuropeAid

We involve scientific institutions and companies in international activities, assist districts and cities in their certification as Fair Trade Towns and develop innovative teaching modules on the global dimension in higher education. We form a project partnership of four cities / municipalities and seven institutions in four European countries.


Sustainable development means considering environmental aspects equally with social and economic aspects. Sustainable economies therefore mean: we must leave our children and grandchildren an ecologically, socially and economically intact fabric behind. There cannot be one without the other.

German Council for Sustainable Development /