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Component 2: Fair trade

We address communities, which have an interest in certification as Fair Trade Town (FTT). 5 core goals must be achieved in order to become a Fair Trade Town (FTT). Achieving these goals is the basis for a strong local and national campaign, through which many different groups and organisations can become involved:

1. The local council adopts a decision to support fair trade and commits to promoting Fairtrade products.

2. Fairtrade products are locally available.

3. Schools, employers, non-profit organisations and the community support fair trade and use Fairtrade products whenever possible.

4. Reports in the media and corresponding events aim to create more awareness and understanding for fair trade in civil society.

5. A Fair Trade Steering Group is set up, which represents the different sectors. It coordinates and develops activities, to achieve and pursue the objectives mentioned above.

The project experts will assist, advise and train local actors in the Fair Trade Town certification process. This includes measures for the improvement/achievement of framework conditions for the implementation of fair trade, standards for tenders and concept development for each city. SME are supported in the process of including Fairtrade products in their product portfolio.