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Campaigning on Fairtrade

In Austria

The leaflet on fair public procurement with the title „Weil es uns nicht egal ist…sozial faire Beschaffung für Gemeinden” presents good practice examples from Austria and makes proposals on how to implement a public procurement strategy within a community or city.

Flyer fair public procurement
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Events (selection)
  • 12-14/11/15: Interpädagogica 2015
  • 18-20/09/15: Wear Fair & Mehr 2015
  • 25/08/15: Market of possibilities at the summer academy of the Forum Umweltbildung
  • 30/05/15: Information stand at Südwind-Street-Festival – “Green event“
  • 29/05/15: Neighbourhood-Festival 08, 09
  • 13/02/15: Symposium of “wa(h)re Gesundheit”
  • 03-05/10/14: Fair “WearFair & mehr”
  • 28/05/14: Grand opening of the “Cotton Exhibition” in the Botanical Garden in Linz
  • 24/05/14: Information stand at the Fairplanet Festival
  • 23-24/04/14: “FairERleben Genussmarkt” in the Viennese city hall

“WearFair & Mehr” festival held on 27-29.09.2013

This annual festival highlights the importance of sustainable living. Visitors can find a variation of information on fair trade issues relating to nutrition, mobility, investment and tourism. Sudwind and TriNet materials were available. It was noted that a large amount of interest was shown on the issues raised such as sustainability, global responsibility and fair trade.

Electronica Festival, 11.09.2013 Linz

Workshops and information on TriNet, Sudwind and Fair Trade global products presented there. A fair trade information booth was set up at this festival. Visitors showed a strong interest on the topic of fair trade.

  • Information about TriNet and Fair Trade at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz ©Südwind
  • Information about TriNet and Fair Trade at Ars Electronica Festival in Linz_1 ©Südwind

Information on Fair Trade issues presented at “Linzer Quadradlon” event. 29.06.2013

The “Linzer Quadradlon” event hosted in Linz delivered information on fair trade and fair procurement. Information was also to be found on Sudwind activities and the TriNet project. Fair trade foods were available and fair trade sports clothes were also discussed at this event.

Information desk established at the Iris Umweltpreisverleihung “Eco Award” in Linz. 27.06.2013

The Iris Umweltpreisverleihung “Eco Award” is awarded every two years. Activities and projects that improve the environment and quality of life can be nominated. At this event information on FairTrade, TriNet and Sudwind’s activities could be found.

Südwind street festival on 09.06.2013

Examples of sustainable living and increased media outreach through Südwind street
festival in Vienna. Initiatives involved in the Sudwind Straßenfest are designed to demonstrate a better way of sustainable lifestyle. There is an emphasis on the adjustment of people’s attitudes and actions in the pursuit of a fairer way of consumption. Fair and organic products could be accessed, Fair Trade workshops took place and discussions on the concept of “food sovereignty” took place.

Südwind street festival

Fairplanet Festival in Linz on 18.05.2013

Fair Planet Festival was a sustainable, fair and vegan festival held in the city center of Linz. The Fair Planet attracted approximately 5000-10000 visitors. Here, information was provided on Fair Trade and Fair Procurement. Visitors had the opportunity to sample some Fair Trade products (Chocolate, juice and nuts). Information on Sudwind’s activities and the objectives of the Trinet project were available.

20 Years Fair Trade Event” in Linz on 04.03.2013

The “20 Years Fair Trade Event” in Linz demonstrated the Fair Trade concept to a total of 34 participants. Participants acquired knowledge on FairTrade products, the Trinet project and Sudwind activities via discussions, dissemination of information and a FairTrade buffet. The event was held to exhibit the advantages of being a FairTrade enterprise or community.

In Germany (selection)

Events (selection)
  • 09/12/15: lecture FTT-concept and the status quo of FFT in Berlin at „Fairgabe-Bündnis Berlin”
  • 10/10/15: lecture FTT-concept in the Berlin Chamber of Small Business and Skilled Crafts
  • 13/09/15: FTT- information stands in wine festival („Wein- und Winzerfest“) in Lichtenrade
  • 11/09/15: presentation FFT concept during the opening of “Fair Week” (Faire Woche)
  • 28/06/15: fair breakfast in Lichtenrade
  • 01/05/15: Fairtrade-Town-information stand during the celebration on 1st May in Lichtenrade (Lichtenrader Maientag
  • 26/04/14: Fair breakfast at Kläre-Bloch-Platz in Berlin
  • 22/03/14: Participation in the symposium „Fairer Handel – wie gerecht darf es sein?
  • 18/02/14: Presentation of the fair trade shopping concept on the conference „Fair Wins“
  • 13/09/13, The “Fest der Nationen” (festival of nations) took place. The borough Charlottenburg-Wilmesdorf certification as a “Fairtrade Town” was renewed and many citizens were reached by stands which offered information material and Fairtrade products
  • 25/05/13, The Fairtrade Town concept was presented at the “Deutscher Entwicklungstag” (German Development Day) at Washington Place in Berlin and during a public panel the relationship between Fairtrade and public procurement was discussed

In the Czech Republic

The leaflet “Fair Shopping” for the general public contains examples of unfair practices in shopping: cosmetics, textile, shoes, electronics, etc. and also gives details on shops where these things can be bought in fair way.

Leaflet Fair Shopping

The leaflet “Fair Clothes” for SMEs explains textile industry, its challenges with being fair and its types of certification.

Leaflet Fair Clothes

The leaflet “Fair Flowers” for universities provides general information about the flower industry, its problems and challenges with being fair and its types of certification. The leaflet also delivers adresses of flower shops in the Czech Republic offering certified flowers.

Leaflet Fair Flowers

The leaflet „Fairtrade Towns“ for municipalities gives guidance on the step by step approach in the application process, explains the criteria and provides examples of FTT good practices from the Czech Republic and the world.

Leaflet Fairtrade Towns
Events (selection)
  • 18-20/09/15: WearFair 2015 in Linz: Sudwind invited EAP to present the coffee of Fair and Bio Coffee roastery during the fair and to join the TriNet Global information stand
  • 26/02/15: Information stand at the students´ fair at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  • 11/02/15: Information stand for the municipal district Prague 8 during the seminar of the initiative “Healthy Cities of the Czech Republic”
  • 01/10/14: awarding of the certificate to new FT Town Chrudim
  • 11-13/07/14 Participation in the Boskovice festival to raise awareness about FT and global issues
  • 15/06/14: Awarding of the FTT certification for Trebic
  • 26/04/14: Zemefest Festival in Mladá Boleslav, where a stand was established with FT information brochures, leaflets and presentation of fair trade products
  • 11-13/04/14: Biostyle Fair: ,,Fair flowers’’ exhibition
  • 20/03/14: Awarding of the FTT certification for Mladá Boleslav
  • 28/09/13: FT-presentation in Prague Zoo, where at least 1.000 people were addressed
  • 01/09/13: presentation during the Day of prayers in Vilémov to address church communities as important civil society actors

In Denmark

Events (selection)
  • 18-19/09/15: Wear Fair, Linz – FHFC supported the TriNet Global information stand presented by Südwind and EAP
  • 11-14/06/15: Global Tent, Peoples Meeting on Bornholm, one of the biggest yearly political festivals in the world, with around 100.000 participants
  • 10-11/03/15: Baltic Food Fair
  • 26/06/14: SolOverGudhjem’ (SunAboveGudhjem)
  • 12-15/06/14: Peoples Meeting 2014
  • 12-15/07/13: campaigning on Fair Trade in the Peoples Meeting, Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm
  • 19/07/13: Hammershus Fairtrade Concert in Bornholm

Political Summit 2014

Video documentation of the awareness raising event “Political Summit – Global Tent” Bornholm 2014 ( in Danish)

Awareness raising event Political Summit - Global tent Bornholm 2014