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Fair shopping guides

Fair shopping guide for Berlin
The fair Shopping Guide Berlin shows, where to buy Fair Trade products and where you can eat fair in Berlin

Fair consumer guide for Berlin
Postcard Fairtrade borough Pankow
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Fair shopping guide Linz and Alsergrund (Vienna)
The sustainable shopping guide “Wegweiser – Nachhaltig in Linz” is finished and is a success! Furthermore, the flyer “Stationen des Wandels am Alsergrund” shows impressively, where to shop and eat in a fair way in the Vienniese district.

Fair shopping guide Linz
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Fairtrade Flyer Vienna Alsergrund
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Denmark: Fairtrade Shopping Guide for Bornholm
The Fairtrade Shopping Guide for Bornholm is published online. The official website offers varied information about Fairtrade in general, shopping and eating facilities on Bornholm. It constantly allows registration for new Fairtrade shops and cafés.

Fairtrade Shopping Guide for Bornholm
Postcard for the Shopping Guide
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